Purpose and Scope

Maruf Economics Journal primarily prioritizes teaching, understanding, development and conceptualizing the studies of Islamic Economics at an academic level. In addition, Maruf Economics Journal aims to introduce an alternative, original and innovative approach into the existing literature that offer a critical perspective against the domination of conventional economics.


Maruf Economics Journal aims to include academic studies in the field of Islamic economics, but is also open to heteredox approaches in the field of Economics and conventional economics with criticisms of the economic system and its theory. Within in this scope, it is also planned to be published that empirical and theoretical studies, field survey, economic methodology, history of economic thought, simulation-based analysis, studies on relationship of economics with other disciplines and issues like sustainability and development and schools of economic thought like behavioral economics, neuro-economics, experimental economics and new institutional economics that offer new perspectives for the economic and social matters.


Also the scope of the journal contains ethics and economics, economics and society, critical economics, Islamic economics and finance, methodology of economics, economic history, suggestions of new solutions for the economic problems, the quest for new economic paradigm and essays about rethinking economics and finance. The journal publishes reviews of the books related to the above mentioned areas.

In addition, Maruf Economics Journal is a refereed scientific journal open to multi-disciplinary studies conducted in social science fields such as theology, business, law, history, politics, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy in relation to Islamic economics and economics.


Maruf Economics Journal is a peer-reviewed journal and a Maruf Foundation publication.

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